7. Covid Protocol

7.1. The safety protocol and the planned measures are intended to prevent the corona virus from spreading during the SPAR Thembisa Mile.

7.2. The event will be run without spectators.

7.3. The number of people present is kept at minimum. All those present (athletes, support staff, helpers and media) must be registered in advance and their contact details recorded.

7.4. All those present must practice good hand hygiene and social distancing. Sanitizers will be provided.

7.5. Wearing of mask is mandatory at all times. The only times this does not apply is to the athletes while competing and as specified at start and finish area.

7.6. Athletes are responsible for bringing their own mask with them. Race marshals shall be provided with mask.

7.7. The event will be limited to a maximum of 50 participants (25 men and 25 women).

7.8. All the participants and helpers will be screened prior to entering the race venue.

7.9. The race venue includes the start and finish area, parking space and route. The area can only be accessed by accredited person and athletes.

7.10. A mask must be worn in the start area. The participants are allowed to take off /lower their mask THREE MINUTES before the start.

7.11. Athletes shall be report to the call room fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start for check in with the Race Referee to ensure that only invited and screened athletes take part in the race.

7.12. Start procedure:

1. 10 minutes at gate to start point

2. 6 minutes into start – straight to your number (see attached diagram)

3. 3 minutes – mask collected by assistant box

4. 2 minutes = play national anthem

5. Silence for 3seconds

6. Announcer – On your marks, athletes move from their spot to line up

7. Horn to start the race.

7.13. Participants are electronically recorded when they cross the finish line. In order to avoid crowds, finishers are instructed to leave the finish area immediately after crossing the finish line. After crossing the finish line, all participants will be furnished with a new disposable mask for their protection.

7.14. Prize giving and Flash interview with the winners (top three men and women only) will be conducted observing the social distancing and wearing of mask.

7.15. Handshakes and hugs to celebrate achievements are prohibited.